Peg Edera
spiritual director, poet

About Peg
Peg Edera’s experience as a Spiritual Director includes teaching at the Embracing the Holy training program at the Urban Spirituality Center in Portland. She is a poet and a Quaker. Peg lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Her prior work includes Love Is Deeper than Distance and How We Name Thee, Poems of the Motherland. Listen to this online interview on writing and the writing life. 
Peg Edera’s poems offer the tough tenderness it takes to live through hard times.
- Kim Stafford
A place where one can begin to trust that beyond hope, there is a redemptive glance.
- John Fox
We are gifted with a poet’s wisdom and a wise woman’s knowing words.
- Judith Tripp
Tender, self-questioning, attentive, profound, heart opening, genuine.
- Esther Elizabeth
Poems of love, death, a little sex, ALS, dementia, and the widow’s life thereafter

Our love songs have no shadows. We dare not acknowledge the deep love that can coexist with loss. But in this timely and timeless collection, Peg Edera offers what we didn't know we needed: a proposal in the dark, a squad car filled with lilacs, tears saved for the right time, toast and honey. 

 The world of illness and dying is demanding and complex. Peg documents the love of her life, her husband Fred: his diagnosis with frontal temporal lobe dementia and ALS, the loneliness of missing him before he was gone, worry for their daughter, and grieving in all its dimensions and untimeliness. Fred died at home, shortly after he turned sixty-seven.

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